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2/3/20 10:00 am
Gould City-Mayview Road Phase IV - Garfield County
Garfield County Public Works
Gould City, WA
Work includes approximately 127,085 Cubic Yards of Roadway Excavation Including Haul, 45,265 Cubic Yards of Embankment Compaction, 26,775 Tons of Crushed Surfacing Base Course, 15,800 Tons of Crushed Surfacing Top Course, 182 Linear Feet of 24 Inch Plain Steel Culvert, 125 Linear Feet of 30 Inch Plain Steel Culvert, 72 Linear Feet of 48 Inch Plain Steel Culvert, 80 Linear Feet of 28” x 57” Pipe Arch, 87 Linear Feet of Animal Pass Steel Str. Plate Arch, 5,437 Linear Feet of Wire Fence, 3,562 Linear Feet Type 31 Beam Guardrail, 45 Cubic Yards of Gabion Cribbing, 4.5 Acres of Seeding, Fertilizing, Mulching & Tack, 5,170 Linear Feet of Wattle, 440 Square Yards of Construction Entrance, and other related work.
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9/16/19 9:30 am
Countywide Bridge Guardrail Retrofit and Upgrade
Garfield County Public Works
Garfield County, WA
Work includes approximately 1,295 lineal feet of guardrail removal, 740 Cubic Yards of shoulder widening, 318 lineal feet Type 31 – 9 ft. long post guardrail, 696 lineal feet of Type 31 guardrail, 2,195 lineal feet of Thrie Beam Guardrail, 37 Type C Guardrail Transitions, 39 Type 31 Nonflared guardrail terminals, 9 Type 10 Anchors, Misc. guardrail retrofit connections, 20 lineal feet of fence, and 36 lineal of wire gate and other related work.
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5/20/19 5:00 pm
RFP - New Apparatus Bay - Garfield County Fire Truck Garage
Garfield County Fire District #1
Pomeroy, WA
Garfield County Fire District #1 is seeking licensed professional build services for the complete construction of a new, 6,400 sq.ft. (approx.), four (4) bay – 2 deep apparatus bay at the location listed in the introduction of this document. The new building will be a four (4) bay – 2 deep apparatus bay to accommodate 7 fire trucks of varying size, a wash bay, and a handicapped accessible bathroom/shower with laundry. Excavation to the north will have to be facilitated to assure the buildings size. This will also include installation of a new sewer vault and line under the building. Additionally, the building façade should complement the fire station design.